Thursday, June 11, 2009

Long time, no post.

Howdy everyone,

I haven't posted in over 2 months so i thought i would post since i can't focus on studying haha. This is going to be a loooong ass post so it might get boring. Its the 12th of June 2:05 AM as i write this, for most people you would be sleeping but for me this has become normal. My life hasn't changed that much but when i think about it it has.

Me and my girlfriend, we're still together. We've been through alot of rough times but we still managed to stay together in the end. I'm going to see her in 18 days and boy i can't wait. My life sometimes seems to revolve around her though and when i think about it it sort of does. Maybe i give too much of myself up to her haha i mean i stay up till 2 AM sometimes 4 AM just for her cause of her work. Alot of issues are coming at us and in a way i sometimes feel as if we're both kids lost in a busy, scary city. We adapt fast like most but alot of shit still hits us hard. Not so much me as i'm being exposed to the filth of this world. I just mean the many pathetic acts people seem to commit these days. I don't want to live in this world at times but i don't really have a choice now do i? In particular i keep finding myself being faced with that issue of... monogamy. Her too since alot of her co-workers are screwing more than 1 person, sometimes even more than 1 person at the same time which is... filthy. And i HATE it when people say "Oh don't be surprised, It's normal(正常)" i swear to God i fucking hate that so much because even if that shit is normal, at least pretend to be shocked and pretend that it isn't normal. And a PARTICULAR person (i think you know who you if you were to read this although you wont since you don't know i have a blog) says the funniest shit, she says it's normal when its happening to someone i know and when it happens to me "oh... are you alright?" i appreciate your concern but goddamn choose a side, don't sit on the fucking fence.

Anyways, i've developed a particular hatred for middle-aged men. Businessmen to be exact and i find that my views are a bit.... extreme. No. Not a bit. REALLY extreme. Hahahahahaha it makes me laugh as i'm writing this because as i read what i've written i realize the insanity of all of it. Basically, all middle aged businessmen are perverted and need to be either killed if they don't have any children or castrated if they do because they all cheat. Pathetic. I guess thats what happens when your girlfriend works at hooters though, you get a shitload of douchebags. I feel a bit sad though because i know i have on numerous occasions pissed Cindy off for making certain comments about her friends because of their status but i have no regrets, what i say is what i feel from the heart. Me and one of her friend's really are similar however i don't know if he's brought that up.

As for my bboying, i feel as if i'm getting better day by day well not so much now but very recently. I've been winning battles and damn it feels good.. but i have still yet to win a jam. I'm sort of beginning to understand my dance though because i guess i'm at that period now when i really start to get into the scene. I'm mostly training power now because its the missing link for me but i am so retarded when it comes to power. Its like Marcus getting laid. Yeah...

Uni is just uni there aint really nothing special about it oh wait no i go to UWS yeah apart from the Nazis and shit its a pretty good uni. I love the ignorance of everyone though and in particular these 4 kids from Penrith who seem to think they are cultured. I have a bit of a story to share about one of the kids i call him the Aryan because he has the true values of an Aryan and his name is German too. Anyways i was telling one of my tutor's that my girlfriend was in China and how technology helped us maintain our relationship and then he heard and as i was going home he goes like "So, is your girlfriend mando or kanto?" And i thought well okay this guy is white so i guess he doesn't know that much and i told him my girlfriend could speak mando and wen zhou hua and then, THEN he says the funniest thing i have heard in ages: "Oh yeah? I got a friend who's Chinese." WWWOOOOWWW YOU MUST BE SPECIAL OR SOME SHIT YOU HAVE A FRIEND WHO'S CHINESE!?!?!? OH MY GOD I AM FUCKING SURPRISED.. Sarcasm. Seriously and i thought we lived in a fucking multi-cultural country. Goddammit....

The King of Random.

Monday, April 13, 2009



It's been a long time but i'm really stressed out right now so i can't think of any other way. I'm losing it, my world seems to be collapsing right before my eyes. I really hate myself sometimes, purely because of my age. It's cause of something she said to me today but it's making me more depressed. I don't know why but it's becoming more and more... important to me. I always find myself faced with this problem just when I think I've dealt with it. Damn this is gonna sound extremely faggy and it's gonna go against everything i believe in but... the girl i love can never feel the same about me. Cause of age. And I've put myself in her shoes and i think I would do the same as her. I mean c'mon, the guy your dating is 5 years younger than you. You should be ashamed of yourself. No, you shouldn't cause that shit doesn't matter. It's legal so what's the problem with it? Fuck, we're better than most couples who have secret motives, who are doing shit behind each other's backs, who use each other for personal gain. Fuck everyone who thinks it's wrong, fuck social morals, fuck age.

till next time,
The King of Random.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dancing dancing dancing.


I just had a great night dancing. Hahahaha i thought this post would be serious but... apparently not. First off i would like to say that Synergy was an awesome event. My abilities as an dancer have increased greatly because of this single event. I cant describe it, i was so pumped, i jumped into every cypher which makes me pretty happy actually cause i'm tired now and it feels great to know you danced as hard as you could. I was on fire for some reason, well i know the reason. I think if i say this, a certain someone is gonna be angry at me. 小虎。。。谢谢。When i dance now, i imagine my opponent is you and when i do, baby i go into a fuckin' frenzy. I wanna fuckin' smoke you to bits and when this is translated onto the dancefloor i get NASTY. My confidence and execution are increased tenfold. I feel as if i'm on top of the world. And i guess its just natural to thank you for that.

So since were on the topic of dancing and a certain dick head, i wanna talk about two things in this blog. The first is 'Little Tiger' since i'm already in the process of giving him shit >=). It seems lately that whenever i see certain people... i get... hostile. I really want to hit them among other things and i think the reason that i act like this is because they remind me of 'Little Tiger' or perhaps the actions of 'Little Tiger'... And i won't EVER forget what you did to that poor girl. But don't worry, one day you'll get what's coming to you and when you do i hope that i'm there. It will be.... satisfying. I guess the saying that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover is bullshit in my perception of the world and i would argue that its a saying only very few practice. I do judge many by their looks and the most common example of this is when i determine your identity just by looking at your shoes. Maybe that's because i'm a bboy =P

Speaking of bboy... i think its hard to stop. Its such an integral part of my life hahaha and i think i may have tried quitting but it never seems to stick. I always fall back into it one way or another. But hey, i don't mind. It can only get better from here. I'm starting to really understand it now, and i'm honing my skills. Aahhh... today has been quite a good night. Oh and by the way some random drunk guy called us a bunch of "fucking gooks" who wouldn't "stand up to fight". He was white. We laughed. Hard.

The King of Random.

OH MY GOD 3 MONTHS BABY~~!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Penis Tea Drink.


This was the post i INTENDED to write before the super awkward conversation between my father and me happened. Uni has started and well... all of you are feeling the full effect of that. I'm back with Cindy cause she's that awesome haha. Most of you probably knew that though. Anyways this issue which i haven't really been faced with has sort of surfaced again and now that i think about it, humans are so fucked. Like seriously fucked. The issue is cheating. It seems so.......................... common. And because of how frequent it is it sort of makes me dissapointed in the human race. I guess you could link it to greed cause greed is usually one of the reasons we do it. Aahhh fucked up... seriously I dont understand why people do it. I mean of course if in a relationship both of you are good and then randomly, one of you cheats. What the fuck. That is so unfair and selfish == but it's like.. normal. I think it would be considered as normal in today's society. Huh. How very fucked up.

Sorry this post is so serious. Its just its been on my mind for a whole week now and i really am lost when i try to explain it. I hope i never do that shit. Never ever. This post is being influenced by a small asian. A small asian who happens to owe me 50 bucks? Wednesday? Have my money bitch? Hahaha anyways, she was telling me about this argument her and her boyfriend had, or should i say have every week, about freedom within a relationship. I know i've touched on this subject before but it was more specific what she said. She asked if it was okay if your partner went to the movies one on one with one of their friends who happened to be the opposite sex. So for example if i went with a girl to watch a movie. But she was my good friend. Would that be okay? I told her no but i think if you were to ask me this before i met Cindy i probably would have said yes :S. The male psyche is indeed very very strange...

And here we go with the randomness. Most of you who read this live in Australia but for those who don't we have this chain franchise here called Easyway and it sells bubble tea drinks. If you don't know what those are well then you fucking suck. Nah i'm kidding. Its like zhen zhu nai cha only theres all these other ones like fruit green tea and shit. Anyways i noticed that... only asians work there. And i mean if there was a requirement that you needed to speak certain languages well then yeah thats okay but the asians are pretty.... diverse. Like there are filos and shit working there but NO WHITE people. Its pretty funny i guess cause its the asian way of getting back at the whiteys hahahaha. Well thats all i can really think about writing. Sorry!

Have my money ready by Wednesday BEOTCH,
The King of Random.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A bad return.


While i was hoping to start this blog again with a good post it seems that God has other intentions for me. Something just happened which really pissed me off and i cant seem to figure out why. My Father had a talk with me about relationships. So okay, firstly, its awkward as fuck. But secondly, i feel as though he thinks i'm fucking stupid. The shit that was coming out of his mouth was so... retarded. It was common fucking knowledge. No, it was BEYOND common knowledge. Like goddamn dude, do you think i'm a retard? Fuck. Fucked my whole day up. And this post too. Fuck i cant do anything right now, i dont know what to do to make myself feel better. I could start arguing with him but whats the point of that? And goddammit WHY is he talking to me now, when i'm 17. See, normal fathers talk to their son when their son is young, like, 14 young. I'm 17 now, you already lost the opportunity man so fuck it. Dont give me the whole father and son talk bullshit. YOU FUCKING LOST THE OPPORTUNITY. FUCK.

The King of Random.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Simple love... has come to an end.


Hope everyone is having a better valentines than i am. I broke up with my girl today. But actually... i think its sort of good. A friend of mine told me not to fuck things up and end them on completely shit terms and i really am thankful to her for that. Me and Cindy... we had chemistry. She taught me alot about life, love, how to make love hahahahaha. But yeah on the serious side it was a good experience for me, and a real eye opener. Maybe William was right, maybe i shouldn't have fallen for her but whatever. Whats happened cant be changed right?

I'm at the airport right now, my flight got delayed because SOME fuckers over in Melbourne are on strike. So my flight is now leaving at 1:50 in the morning ==. Aahhh this trip has been good. Even though i don't want to leave it's still been a great trip. All my problems got sweeped away and i'm sort of like a clean slate now =). I'm sure in the future i'm gonna come across alot of shit but the future is unpredictable... never in my dreams did i think someone like her would come into my life. Fuck i still sound so whipped. I guess i sort of am... but whatever, no regrets. I am gonna miss that warm feeling i get when i'm around her though =P.

When i get back, i have a plan. I'm gonna dance till i faint and make it into DK top 8. I'm gonna go to YOUR Australia and steal YOUR jobs. I'm gonna study hard and transfer to Macquarie and get away from all the TB's and Bogans in my uni. I promised her.

The King of Random.

Monday, February 9, 2009



So as most of you know, i have a girlfriend. Some of you may also know that i'm coming back this Sunday. And... that's where the problem is at. It seems like i don't want to leave this place, no, it's not leaving this place it's more leaving her. Argh its hard to explain... i mean if i leave her and i come back in July... what's the point? We wont ever be this good again... and i'm trying so hard to hold onto what i have with her now. Hahahaha its sort of funny and cruel at the same time but alot of things sort of push this problem in front of me. Like today i got an email from my friend and at the bottom he said "ENJOY YOUR LAST WEEEK" Yeah thanks dude i dont want you to remind me for fuck's sake. And my mum... freakin' hell mum you dont need to start packing right now we leave on Saturday.. fuck.

Sigh... i don't even know whether or not this is a problem cause it was inevitable and i thought i had prepared for this but now that its hit me in the face i cant help but think about it. And i feel sad. And the fact that i feel sad means that i'm dissapointing Cindy which makes me even sadder. Hahahaha. Aahhh what to do what to do? When i go back... i wanna keep myself busy. Busy out of my fucking mind that i won't have to think. I cant stop thinking about the future. Damn... i keep seeing what were gonna be like in 5 months time. Its gonna be Sue all over again...

It seems like happiness is a high for me. And like any high, it only lasts a short period. I aint saying i'm sad or whatnot i'm just saying 3 weeks ago.... wow. WOW. Everyday was like a dream for me... and i realized it then and i realize it now too. Fudge, i'm in emo mode =P

I wanna sleep...,
The King of Random.